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Our reading aim: That every child leaves Penns as a 'Reader for Pleasure'

What books do children take home?

Penns pupils will take home reading books each week.  Our younger readers will change their books every Monday whilst older children will be able to change their book as and when they complete it.  Our youngest readers will begin to take books home from as early as their start in September.

How do we know that children are reading at home?  All Penns pupils will have a record reading book which should be completed either by themselves or by a parent.  Staff members regularly discuss with the children about their home reading habits.  Reading is of high importance at Penns and we aim to foster a love of reading by maintaining a positive reading culture.

What if my child requires extra support in reading? We provide a robust system of support.  Penns Primary use an intensive reading programme called, 'Switch-On Reading' which is an intensive 10-week literacy intervention. It is delivered on a one to one basis by staff, most commonly teaching assistants, who have been trained in the approach. Where a child requires extra reading, we aim to ensure that this is done daily.  Our lunchtime supervisors as well as parent volunteers support our pupils in listening to them read.

Can my child read online? We offer Bug Club which is the only whole-school reading programme that brilliantly combines an online reading world with fantastic print books, and assessment tools. 

How can we improve reading?

One of the best ways to ensure reading improves is simply to do more of it, in all its forms. We plan for reading opportunities throughout the week and we aim to bring at least a little shared reading into virtually every lesson, and into many humanities sessions too. We have whole-class, guided group, 1-1 and independent reading slotted in to lessons and throughout the week. We believe that children who learn to read across the curriculum will benefit from the purposeful practice, and be better equipped to access all subjects in the next phase of their learning.


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