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We believe the best schools have a pupil lead culture where children take on key leadership roles and get their voice heard. We whole-heartedly value the work of our pupil leaders, using it to shape the teaching and learning that happens at our school. We are moulding leaders of the future, ready for work, ready for the world. We strive to craft confident and articulate leaders who can share their views to any audience and apply their leadership skills to real life situations.

The aim of the various teams within the Pupil Leadership Team is to enable children the chance to have leadership within the school, ensuring that their voices and opinions are heard. We are a pupil lead school, regularly receiving pupil voice to make improvements. Therefore, we are giving the children the opportunity to assist with those improvements along the journey.


Our Diversity Ambassadors:

Year 6

Annalise Finn, Silvana Bemnet, Ruby Marriott, Olivia Cole, Hannah Read, Lauren Stephens, Halima Saleh and Millie Alldrit

If there is something you would to raise to ensure that we are operating as an inclusive school, contact us via the noticeboard outside Y6


Play Leaders:

80% of our children in Y6 are play leaders


House and Vice Captains:

Powells: Annalise Finn (C)  William Brett (V)

Bracebridge: Esme Miller (C) Prentice Day (V)

Wyndley: Millie Alldrit (C)  Yusuf Zaman V)

Longmoor: Jessica Mills (C) Qasim Arif (V)


Eco Committee:


To be elected



Bullying is a group phenomenon. Thus, the principal aim of the program is to prevent bullying before it even happens. By influencing the group norms and building capacity to behave in a constructive manner in social interaction, children are encouraged to take responsibility for not supporting the bully but the vulnerable peers. In addition to being preventive, KiVa is also interventive with clear guidelines to tackle bullying when it does take place.


KiVa Ambassadors:


Our KiVa ambassadors change on a regular basis

Free Counselling Service


Don't forget you can make an appointment to see our counsellor, Mrs Wager via the pupil noticeboard.


Mrs Wager is in school on the following days:

Every Wednesday

Penn's Pupil Questionnaire July 2021

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