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Birmingham is a family friendly city where children will flourish, feel safe, listened to, learn and grow up, able to actively contribute to society.”

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Worried about a child?

If you have any concerns about the safety and/or welfare of a child or young person telephone the Children's Advice & Support Service (CASS) on 0121 303 1888 or via secure email; For more information on email security click here.

Outside of normal office hours please call 0121 675 4806 for the Emergency Duty Team   For more information about making a referral and to access the Request for Support form - click here.

School DSLs can be contacted via the school office on: 0121 464 8014 or

Lead DSL: Mrs A Unsworth

Deputy DSL's: Mrs Lowe and Mrs Sheffield

If you have concerns about a child in school, please do not hesitate to contact us no matter how insignificant you think it may seem. 

Mrs Unsworth is available every Tuesday from 11am - 12pm should you wish to speak to her regarding your child's requirements.

Safeguarding children is EVERYBODY'S business


Role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead

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What children have said they need regarding safeguarding:

  • Vigilance; to have adults notice when things are troubling them.
  • Understanding and action; to understand what is happening, to be heard and understood and to have that understanding acted upon.
  • Stability; to be able to develop an ongoing stable relationship of trust with those helping them.
  • Respect; to be treated with the expectation that they are competent rather than not.
  • Information and engagement; to be informed about and involved in procedures, decisions, concerns and plans.
  • Explanation; to be informed of the outcome of assessments and decisions and reasons when their views have not been met with a positive response.
  • Support; to be provided with support in their own right.
  • Advocacy; to be protected with advocacy to assist them in putting forward their views.
  • Protection; to be protected against all forms of abuse and discrimination and the right to special protection and help.

A Parents Guide to being Share Aware:

Share-aware NSPCC

Links to additional information about safeguarding issues and forms of abuse:

Issue Guidance



 See below for further information

Children and the Courts

Missing from Education, Home or Care

Family Members in Prison

Domestic Abuse
Child Exploitation

Birmingham Criminal Exploitation & Gang Affiliation Practice Guidance (2018)


 & Wellbeing


Private Fostering

NHS Alcohol Support
If you need Advice or support on your own drinking or have been affected by someone else’s alcohol problems, the below websites can provide further information and support:

Live Well 
Advice, support and resources for dealing with alcohol problems:

Alcohol Change UK
Works to improve people's lives through reducing the harm caused by alcohol:

Free confidential support for anyone with - or affected by someone else's - alcohol, drugs or gambling problems:

Birmingham Community Healthcare Safeguarding Children Team
Welcomes enquiries from professionals and members of the public about all matters concerning the health, wellbeing and safety of children in Birmingham. If you are interested in training or other awareness raising opportunities using the Who's In Charge? materials and messages, please email