Berwood Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B72 1BS



We at Penns Primary School aim, in partnership with parents and governors, to provide the highest standards of education for each and every child through:

  • A secure and caring learning environment in which all children are enabled to flourish.
  • An experience of school life for our children which is both stimulating and enjoyable. The curriculum at Penns is taught in a flexible, creative manner which responds to the needs, interests and aptitudes of the pupils, encouraging their curiosity, self -motivation and independence.
  • Ensuring all of our pupils feel challenged and successful in acquiring a set of learning and social skills, which will ultimately prepare them for the demands of a changing society
  • Fostering: a pride in personal achievement and a respect for the achievement of others.
  • Ensure our pupils attain a positive set of attitudes, values and beliefs, including a respect for, and understanding of, other people's religious and moral values and cultures.

Our positive ethos is more than just a statement, it is tangible, evident in all relationships and aspects of provision. Visitors to Penns immediately recognise and comment very positively on this quality which enables our pupils, in an atmosphere of openness, justice and honesty to grow in confidence and take their place as a useful and responsible member of society. 

Our pupils have a real love of learning. They achieve high standards of attainment, progress and outstanding personal development.

Penns is a forward and outward looking school. We have strong professional links with a range of networks and support groups. As a strategic partner, within a local Teaching School Alliance, we can offer excellent opportunities for all.


The best you can be in all that you do