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Here at Penns, we have high expectations of behaviour. A Penns Pupil is courteous, respectful and considerate. We believe pupils learn most effectively within a framework of positive encouragement and motivation. By praising and rewarding positive behaviour, others will be encouraged to act similarly and positive behaviour will be reinforced.

Recognition of positive achievement may include:

Consistent verbal praise, from all staff

Stickers, badges and certificates

Informing parents of achievement e.g. via postcards, emails, letters

The award of merits for a wide range of academic, cultural and sporting achievement

The announcement of particularly prominent individual or team successes in school assemblies: this will

include the award of cups, trophies and prizes as appropriate

The award of certificates for progression and contribution to school life 

We provide our pupils with encouragement to behave well and act as positive role models to each other and the wider


In sports and games, where they learn to accept victory and defeat with sportsmanship and good grace

In community service, where they learn to appreciate their own good fortune and the importance of

giving willing support to others in the community

In seeking to become school leaders


Teachers play a key part in fostering good standards of behaviour:

Having high expectations of pupils in their behaviour and achievement in lessons

Praising pupils immediately when they see good behaviour, and state which element of behaviour has

warranted praise.

Encouraging the development of good relationships between adults/pupils at the school

Providing consistent classroom management of the pupils in lesson times

Modelling exemplary behaviour in their own conduct and manner towards the pupils wherever they

may come into contact with them

Asserting good values of conduct on the sports field

Discussing issues with pupils during one to one and class sessions and praising pupils through frequent

use of encouraging language and gestures, both in lessons and around the school, so that

positive behaviour is instantly recognised and positively rewarded.

Telling pupils clearly what is expected of them,

Applying rules in a way which is consistent and fair

Informing each other of pupil’s praise worthy actions, forwarding news of pupil achievement for

inclusion in our twitter feed, or half term newsletter

Providing a safe environment free from disruption, violence, bullying and any form of harassment.

Promoting desired behaviour and discipline

Promoting self-esteem- self-discipline, proper regard for authority and positive relationships, based on

mutual respect

Ensuring equality and fairness of treatment for all, irrespective of any differences

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