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Inclusion is at the heart of Penns. We strive for a society where no individual is treated differently, because they belong to a particular group but inclusion also requires that everyone has a stake in society – not just in their own prosperity but that of their neighbours and fellow citizens.

An inclusive society is built on shared values, and a shared history. In a diverse community, such as ours, inclusion will not happen so long as membership of a particular race or ethnic group supersedes integration with wider society.

There are many characteristics which we will all share; some are legally protected to safeguard us all from discrimination. However, the most important characteristic we have in common is that of being part of the UK. The diversity and multiple identities that make up the UK are a clear strength and one that we celebrate.

We understand and recognise differences where they exist. However, we do not define ourselves by our differences but instead on what we have in common.


What do we do at Penns to ensure we are inclusive?

1. Provide flexible provision

2. Adult support

3. Careful assessment and monitoring

4. Strategies for achievement

5. Commitment to inclusion

6. Flexible pedagogy in our mainstream setting

7. Positive culture

8. An understanding ethos


How do we create an inclusive environment at Penns?

  1. We create a supportive, respectful environment: promoting diversity and fairness.
  2. We have high expectations of all of our pupils as research shows that students respond better when they feel that their teacher has faith in their abilities and is not focusing on their inabilities.
  3. We create a supportive peer culture both inside and outside the classroom by empowering learners to respect and trust each other, making empathy and caring ‘fashionable’ and reinforcing positive and pro-social attitudes by encouraging learners to help each other.
  4. We plan learning which includes participation from everyone and encourages success.  
  5. Take a ‘community’ approach to learning and teaching. Inclusive values are developed through a student’s lived experience and their exposure to other cultures and world-views. Bring your community into the classroom and take your classroom out to the community.

By creating an inclusive environment, this not only help those pupils with learning differences – it will also support those pupils that don’t have a learning difference by making them more aware, tolerant and understanding of each other.