Class Representatives

In order that we can ensure direct communication with parents to provide the best possible outcomes for our children and to be reflective upon practice in an open and transparent manner, each class has a parent representative who is able to provide a voice for all other parents.  We ask that all class representatives use this forum as a solution-focussed platform ensuring the highest of standards for all.


Reception: Mrs L. Murrell

Year One: Mr A. Singh

Year Two: Mrs A. Wilson

Year Three: Mrs V. Jones

Year Four: Mrs J. Bedi

Year Five: Mr R. Smith

Year Six: Vacancy



March 2021: Mrs Cunningham contributed to our 'healthy eating' promise

June 2021 - Anonymous parental  donation for our KS2 sensory trail

July 2021 - Parental donation for dual language books


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Next Meeting: 30.9.21