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A caring environment for children to gain confidence and develop characteristics of effective learning.


The governors and teachers at Penns Primary School aim to create a secure and caring environment in which children can experience success and enjoyment across the breadth of the primary curriculum. The value of personal, social and moral development is taught within this.

Ofsted described our curriculum:

'The pupils that I spoke with during the inspection said that they enjoy learning. The whole school curriculum is exciting and full of practical and meaningful learning experiences. Together with the staff, you are committed to ensuring that pupils enjoy coming to school and make the most of every lesson.'

'I met with you and your leaders to scrutinize pupils’ progress across the curriculum. Examples of pupils’ work showed that pupils explore a wide range of topics and themes that help them secure good progress across the curriculum. Staff work hard to make learning as memorable as possible. For example, in the summer term, pupils are invited to plan a new topic for them to explore when they return from the summer holidays. This helps pupils manage the transition to different year groups and plants seeds of excitement and anticipation for the learning journey ahead.'


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If you wish to find out more about our curriculum please contact your Child's Class Teacher or the relevant Key Stage Manager via our enquiry email.