Remote Learning

How to support home learning

As we all find our way through this difficult and unprecedented time, we are aware that parents and carers at home may be anxious about how best to support their children while the school is in enforced closure.  

On this page, we will seek to give you advice and resources to help you to manage your child/ren’s time at home productively, whilst also being realistic about what we can all hope to achieve during this time.

Remember – the school, and its staff, are here to support you.  Teachers are working hard to ensure that all children are engaged in remote learning, however, other avenues are also required such as: booklets.

Please let us know what works for your family and we will endeavour to support you and your children.


Accessing Remote Education

Online Platforms - Zoom, Class Dojo, Purple Mash

Your child will be provided with a detailed timetable for the forthcoming week by Monday morning at the very latest.  The timetable will enable your child to click the link direct to their live session.  After your child's live session, teachers will allocate work for your child to complete. There will be 3 live sessions per day.  As well as live sessions, your child's teacher may provide a recorded session and accompanying work.  Teachers are also providing feedback and we ask that all work is submitted by 5pm at the very latest.   Some children will have access to 1:1 sessions in order to support their learning further and/or smaller group sessions.  We aim to ensure that all children receive a daily diet of English, maths and reading as well as a range of other curriculum subjects e.g. live PE sessions, art, challenge week etc  You will also be invited to our merit assembly every Friday to ensure that the Penns community remains connected.  Your child will also receive a workbook that supplements their home learning and in some cases will be delivered alongside their live sessions.  In order for us to ensure that we are providing effective remote learning, parents will receive a questionnaire in due course so we can tailor our provision in response to parental feedback.

We appreciate that live sessions will sometimes clash where one or more children are studying, therefore we have ensured (as much as possible) that live sessions do not overlap. Please contact should you require any technology support and/or any queries regarding remote learning.  We aim to support our families as much as possible.  

Pupils Engagement


How will you check whether my child is engaging with their work and how will I be informed if there are any concerns?


All children are required to engage in their home learning.  We understand that this cannot always be possible and we would ask that parents contact the school to notify us of any issues that are causing a barrier to learning.  Teachers are taking a daily register.  Where a teacher has not made contact with a pupil at all during the day, a telephone call will be made to ascertain if the school can support in any way.                   School attendance procedures are exactly the same and we would ask parents to telephone school if your child is poorly whilst they are learning at home.


Pupils in School

Pupils of keyworkers and pupils who may be considered vulnerable will be following the same timetable as pupils working from home as we are teaching the same curriculum wherever possible and appropriate.  All attendance procedures apply.  



Keeping Children Active

Sport England data shows that 3 in 10 children are less active than usual during the pandemic, and 40% of children now do less than 30 minutes of physical activity a day. In Birmingham, 2 in 5 children are classified as obese in year 6, and this figure is expected to increase because of the school lockdown.

The aim of the new resource is simple - reverse the declining health trends by engaging children in activities that are safe and easy to complete; even for the busiest of families that may be juggling homeschooling with work commitments.

Each day of the challenge provides a different link to a fun and exciting activity.

On some of the days, children are prompted to learn facts about the countries and cultures that will be visiting Birmingham for the Games in 2022. 

Families can access the resource here:

Birmingham education Partnership. Reading Newsletter (Issue 1)

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