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Here is our exciting New Curriculum. Each topic includes great POWer homework projects for you and your child to select from. Links to topic overviews are available. Click on the year group to be directed to their page.

Our new whole school topic is Happy Healthy Me


Long Term Map

Transition Topic Theme 1 Theme 2 Theme 3 Theme 4 Theme 5 Whole School Theme
EYFS n/a Who am I? Can you find my dinosaur? Will you read me a story? Why have I never seen a pirate? What is a minibeast and where are they found? Happy Healthy Me!
Year 1 Do you want to play? Hot or Cold? How high can you fly? What was it like when you were at school? Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Focus 1

Active Me

Year 2 How did Chocolate change Birmingham? How did these 5 women save the world? India - is it always hot and spicy? Why would you bury cheese and wine?

Focus 2

Thankful Me

Year 3 Too hot? Too cold? Just right! What do you know about Ancient Egypt? Just ask  Mummy! Who put the Shang in Shangai? Was the Stone age really like the Croods?

Focus 3

This is Me

Year 4 What did the Romans ever do for us? Why should we remember them? What would a bird see? Where does our food come from? Is it ever right to break the law?

Focus 4

Social, Responsible Me

Year 5 Is there anybody out there? Would you want to be a Victorian child? It's 2020 - what can we learn from Shakespeare? How can we spend our leisure time in Birmingham?

Focus 5

Mindful Me

Year 6 Were the Vikings really vicious? Disaster! What would you take? How did the Ancient Greeks change the world?


Here is our whole school topic about The Great War 2014/2015